Chem-ace Minerals for life sciences

Minerals expertise for life sciences professionals in Europe
  • Improve minerals knowledge & expertise
  • Find the right minerals for the right applications
  • Define the selection criteria
  • Understand the regulatory obligations
  • Assist in minerals sourcing process
  • Provide a broad view on minerals by market
  • Train & coach sales staff, buyers, product specialists, R&D scientists

Chem-sales Sales support for life sciences

Ethics & quality
in minerals solutions
  • European GMP & GMP+ manufacturers
  • Food, Nutrition, Infant Food & Pharma customers
  • Flexible & customized quality solutions
  • 20 year experience in minerals

Chem-cat Business catalyst for life sciences

Business support & coaching to lifes sciences professionals in Europe
  • Develop new markets
  • Better understand special Market Segments
  • Launch new products
  • Survey new markets prior investments
  • Benefit from Fields and Office Support of new business developments
  • Strategic and specific communication tools